We Need to Work!

Employment  We might as well face facts that the automotive industry in not going to recover in time to save this community; in fact, it may never recover, and if and when it does, it will never be the same.  Sandusky must first decide what we want to be...and the answer is clear.  We are the tourist capital of Lake Erie.  We have every imaginable recreational tool at our fingertips and our area is ripe for development.  To create jobs, we must first create a business-friendly atmosphere and make people and employers feel welcome.  We must encourage and support small business growth and expansion and then support those businesses and help them thrive.

Simultaneously, we must recession-proof ourselves and not throw all our eggs in one economic basket.  To be totally dependent on discretionary spending dollars has never proven to be a wise decision.  This means dollars that are spent because of personal choice not necessity.  Ponder what industries will bring jobs and money to Sandusky.  Think about new technologies such as wind energy components, solar and green battery production, soy ink manufacturing, and other like industries.  Then think about training and retooling - THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE and stop dwelling on what was.  How difficult would it actually be to start creating a model Green City.  The concept is nothing new and other communities are doing it all over the globe.  Our world is changing right before our very eyes and we need to change with it or die we will!  BGSU Firelands is right at our back door and we have access to a wealth of information, training and programming; there are no excuses at this point.

We need to empower people to be retrained in green industry jobs and promote green sustainability in the long-term.  A company will be more likely to relocate or open a new facility in Sandusky if it is widely known that the workforce has the skills needed in a given industry.  We must make ourselves ready.

Those companies that want to leave us and abandon ship, let them leave!  They will discover that the grass is not so green elsewhere as they might think.  We need companies that are loyal to the community and the residents.  Sandusky needs to create and invite industries that can supply the world and be ready with professional, qualified personnel. 

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